The Excitement of Flying

Do you need a break?

Need to feel an adrenalin rush?

Then this is for you!

Professional Quality Flight Simulators.

Flying is a dream many thousands have but never fulfill, a wish never realized. Now you can stop dreaming and wishing. You can truly experience the thrill of flying, the excitement of being in a WWII dogfight or modern day air to air combat.

If you are looking for the rush or the dream you are not looking for a toy. A game that, is exactly that, simply a game. As sophisticated as it appears it is still a toy. It may be fun to play but that’s all it will do for you.

Professional quality flight simulators will test your ability to really fly. Test your agility in the air, your nerves in a stressful situation whether that be air to air combat or a sudden malfunction in a commercial jet loaded with passengers.

The Air Force as well as the major airlines uses flight simulators to train and keep their pilots sharp. You can train in the same simulators. The graphics are incredible and the same principles of flight apply.

The advantages of using Professional Quality Simulators are endless. You pick you plane, be it a fighter plane, jet or prop, and it controls like the real thing. You learn to taxi down the runway, come up to speed before takeoff. Once in the air you choose your own flight path and learn to fly. Landing is the same as landing a real plane, do it wrong and you crash.

The controls are customized controls similar to those found in the real jets.

As areas of your simulator become obsolete you will be offered expansion packs to stay completely up to date.

16 fighter Pilots use flight simulators to stay sharp when they are not in the air. It’s part of their ongoing training.

South Korea is currently in the process of developing a dozen Flight Simulators for their F-16 Pilots to train on to keep up with the ongoing upgrades to their F-16’s. It’s also an affordable alternative for them considering the cost of oil and jet fuel in today’s market.

If Professional Quality Flight Simulators are good enough and realistic enough for the Air Force to train their fighter pilots on, welcome to the world of flying.

Until you try one you will never know the excitement of flying a combat mission. And when you do you’re hook.

Come on be my Wing Man and let’s do some serious damage.

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