Win Terran Vs Terran Games Fast With The Ghost Rush

If you’ve been struggling with your Terran vs Terran games, or are just looking for a new angle to try, this article will open some doors for you. What I want to look at is a TvT early Ghost build that will get some heavy early pressure on your opponent, especially if they favor Marines and Marauders.

With this TvT strategy, you want to get your second Refinery right after you make an Orbital Command so you can start stocking up on Gas. Make a Ghost Academy right after that, and a second Barracks to follow. Put Tech Labs on your Barracks so you can make Marauders and Ghosts out of each of them.

As you have the gas, make Ghosts out of your Barracks and when you have 2-3 move out to scout your opponent. If they only have infantry you’ll be greatly favored, as you can Snipe them before they even see you coming. It’s a good idea to blow a scan to see your opponents army, especially if they are on high ground. Range is what really makes your Ghosts powerful.

If they are getting Tanks early, then throw some Marauders in with your Ghosts to help them take out the armored targets. Ghosts are very versatile as the game goes on too if you can’t end it early. Start getting Nukes and Cloak to mess with your opponent. You can even sneak a couple Ghosts into their mineral line to kill off SCVs.

After the early game however, Ghosts are largely a support unit and should not be relied to heavily upon. If the game goes on, transition into a more solid Marauder/Tank build and really focus on your macro to compete with your opponent. Use your Ghosts to sneak in and cause damage for diversions and hurt his economy.

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