Computer Backup System – Learning Some Tips to Back Up Your Computer Files

Computer Backup System – Learning Some Tips to Back Up Your Computer Files

One of the important things you have to make a priority when you are working online or you are working full time on a computer, or even using the computer for your important needs is to have a backup of your files. Data loss is one thing that you should always consider in working in a PC.

When children accidentally delete files, or some calamities such as floods or typhoons may hit your place, or you have some power surges, these may cause data loss at an instant, thus it is important that you have a back up system where you can recover your files especially the important ones.

Another major reason that can cause damage and loss of files is an infection of a virus that may remain undetected. A virus infection is one easy way to lose files and yes, there are anti virus out there who can help you out, but if it is not updated, it may not be able to perform efficiently in protecting your files.

Among the most common ways to store and back up your files are CDs and DVDs. With CD and DVD writers replacing the obsolete floppy disks drives these days, you can make use of these discs in storing the contents of your computer – from documents to movies, games, music and of course your important files. They also have higher storage capacity and very portable as well.

The advent of portable storage gadgets has also become great storage and backup gadgets. In fact, they gadgets these days become smaller and smaller while their capacity is increasing. USB flash drive is an example. Although they are small, you can also make backups of your important files on them. You may not be able to store everything on your PC to your USB flash drive because of limited capacity, they can however be important especially when you are traveling.

If you need a much bigger storage yet portable device, an external hard drive can also be a very good storage and backup system. Although quite bigger than a USB flash drive, an external hard drive can store more than what you can really store in a USB flash drive.

If you want a fast and easily accessible backup system, you can also try the online storage services that keeps your files safe in their server, of course, in exchange of a fee. Some may require a monthly fee and some may also give it for free at certain storage limits. Online backup is convenient, as you will not need to bring any storage gadget with you. For as long as you get an internet connection, you can always recover your files anywhere.

Other devices that may also be used in creating back up for your files are zip drives, and memory stick as external storage system. You can also make use of your email account’s storage capacity by attaching your important files in your email storage.

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