How to Back Up Computer Files – Some Ways to Store Your Backup Files

Losing computer files is one of the nightmares you can have especially if you have important data and information stored in your computer. From work-related files to other important documents, losing them can be easy on your computer. A single virus attack can make you lose all your files in an instant thus, always think about ways on how to back up computer files before the virus strikes you. Even floods and natural calamities, power surge and many other factors can actually make you lose your files.

Here are some tips on how to back up computer files and spare yourself from worrying about lost files later.

– Save your important files and documents on a CD or DVD. Make use of your CD or DVD writer for this purpose and you will never again worry about not being able to recover important files when your computer crashes or when attacked by a virus. From files, to your favorite music, to your photos and videos – you can store them all in CDs or DVDs and simply put the discs on a separate PC to recover everything. This will also make your files handy in case you need to bring your files when traveling.

– Use your high-capacity USB flash drive or external hard drive. Although storing your backup in a USB flash drive is limited, it can however be helpful in storing just the very important ones. You can however get yourself a high-capacity one such as those with a 16 gigabyte storage or more. Your external hard drive is also a great storage for all your files and a portable one as well.

– Use your email’s storage. This is one thing that most people on the go is practicing. Attach your important files on your email and even if your computer crashes, you can still retrieve your files from a different computer, for as long as you have an internet connection. One issue on this method is the safety of your files. You have to make sure that your email account is secured before you can store your important files on it.

– Use an online backup system. Indeed, another good way on how to back up computer files if to save them online. You can store your files online via online backup system or online storage services where you can store all your files for a fee. Some even offer storage services for free. All you have to do is to sign up for an account and then you can go ahead and store everything you want. You will also have your own password for the security of your files. What is very important is to write down your password and keep it in a secured place just in case you forget it or in cases that you can’t access your account.

Copying and pasting is one conventional way on how to back up computer files but you can also use the backup tools that is present in your computer if you are using a Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. You can find these tools in your Control Panel and these allow you to save everything you want to back up.

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