Brady IDXpert Review

Brady IDXpert Review

The Brady IDXpert is a stand-alone thermal label printer available in two versions; desktop and handheld. With both versions incorporating a manual cutter, they offer a whole host of features that a consumer wants from a label printer. Both models are easily configured using the General ID menu or DataComm & T-Block menu.

The IDXpert’s quick start guide contains a useful technical information table, explaining the merits of various label materials and their applications. Its date and time stamp feature which is generated at the time of printing will prove useful for PAT Test Labelling.

Its auto-repeat feature is able to duplicate text as many times as you like as long as it will fit on the label you’re creating. To further ease your printing needs, the IDXpert offers you to switch between inches and millimeters when selecting your label size

The ID Xpert’s memory enables it to save up to ten label designs along with each associated cartridge type. Multiple copies of a label may be printed to a maximum of 95 repeats and it is able to print terminal block identification strips with a choice of separator and an option for auto-serial numbering. The printer is also able to generate two types of bar code (code 39 and code 128) where both height and width are adjustable.

Font-wise, the Brady IDXpert offers one scalable font in regular or bold from 4pt to over 10pt (generally to avoid confusion between letters and numerals and vice versa). The content table can be rotated in 90 degrees increments both vertically and horizontally.

The IDXpert units both include an LCD display, keyboard, along with one cartridge. Its LCD display shows a status bar which will tell you the print zone, font size, and other useful printing information. You can choose between the QWERTY or alphabetical order as keyboard. Both type of keyboard gives direct access to a selection of electrical and mathematical symbols. For a wider range of symbol you can easily check its integral library where comprehensive symbols are categorised for convenient use. It also has a caps lock key for switching between upper and lower case. The cartridge loading feature conveniently means whichever tape you insert is auto-detected once it is in place.

If there was one design flaw to pick upon it’d be that there is no indication as to whether the caps lock is on, which you’ll frustratingly find out when punching in a couple of keys for your next label.

The printer can be easily powered with either six AA cells or a main power adaptor. For a more convenient feel, its battery-state indicator feature will certainly help you when it is on battery powered. Both battery cells and main power adaptor do not come together with device’s purchase.

Protected, together with its accessories, by a hard-case, you can use it in either an industrial working conditions or domestic environment, in a public network or data centre environment. With only minor flaw, Brady IDXpert is indeed a valuable asset for any technician.

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