Dymo LW 450 Turbo Review

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo is a very user friendly and simple label printer. There is not much bad can be said about this printer because of the attractiveness of the printer and also the software that comes with it. The software comes on a CD and the name of it is Dymo Label V8. The label printer runs only with a mains power adaptor. Included in the shipment is a USB cable, a roll of address labels, a quick start guide and a head cleaning card. The label printer must be used with a personal computer , it cannot be used on its own.

Label V8 is the software and it has a great layout. It is easily designed for those that are not computer literate. The layout consists of the design window to the right, the formatting icons along the top, and three tab selections to the left. The tabs include the ready-made labels, the Designer tab that consists of the objects needed to design a blank label. The third tab is the Address Book.

The first tab offers labels for addresses, shipping, CDs, file folders, badges, and a large variety of multi-purpose labels including the VSH spine label. The second tab contains many objects to design the label. It contains selections like an intelligent text box where you can import addresses from your email address book. You can type fixed text into a static text box. There is an automatic counter for the serial-numbering.

A date and stamp object is provided so you can set your time format to the 12 or 24 hour clock. There are eighteen different barcode formats. The shape object allows you to insert squares, oblongs, circles, ovals, to insert horizontal or vertical lines, and to insert different thicknesses of a line or fill in with a grayscale. The next object is the image object that allows you to insert a picture file or Windows clipboard. The next object allows you to put circular text on your label. Also included in these objects is a gallery fill with 94 symbols supplied for decorative purposes.

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