Hate Wires? Love TheIDXpert

Hate Wires? Love TheIDXpert

This printer is a stand-alone thermal label printer that was built for the tough working industry and with the professional in mind. It is pretty evident that is was designed for them because it also includes a hard plastic case that measures 48 x 39 x 14 cm. This IDXpert comes in the desk-top version or the hand-held version with a manual cutter included. It is constructed to use interchangeable cartridges that allow the engineer or the electrician to incorporate it into their special needs at work. The printer requires either a mains power adaptor or 2 AA batteries but neither one is supplies.

There are two menu configurations for this label printer which are a General ID and a DataComm& T-Block. This printer has only one font to make the use even easier. This font will allow font from 4 – 100 point and can be reproduced in independent lines and a good range of accented characters are available also. This font is the only one offered to cut back on confusion between letters that look like numbers and vice versa. These labels can be justified horizontally and vertically and they can be rotated in 90 degree increments. It also consists of an auto-repeat feature which will allow text to be duplicated as many times as needed on the label.

The serial numbering is very simple with increments limited to just one. The label printer also can generate two different types of bar codes than can be adjusted in width and height. The date/time stamp is generated at the print time and is handy for the PAT Test Labeling.

There is a CD included that will install a driver but it does not mean that the printer can be connected to the computer using a USB cable it only means that the printer’s firmware can be upgraded through the internet. If you wish you to create your own design for the labels on your personal computer then you can purchase software by Brady, called MarkWare.

The keyboard for the IDXpert comes in two versions which are the conventional “QWERTY” and then the straightforward alphabet order. These keyboards have no shift key and there is no way of know which mode the Caps Lock key is set until you type something which is a small frustration. There is no serial numbering mode found either. There is no function to auto-repeat and this is a nuisance also but only when trying to set the calendar and clock. The keyboard does give access to a few electrical and mathematical symbols. These include Earth, the plus and minus, Phi, and the degree symbol. There is a much larger range of symbols that are scalable available from an integral library and the contents are categorized for your convenience.

The mono LCD Display is 42 x 23 mm with a status bar and a row “soft” keys that display their functions above them in the status bar. This status bar also shows the print zone, the size of the font, and other useful information.

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