PC Backup Hardware You Don’t Need to Hide

Verbatim have lately came up with clever computer backup alternative – Verbatim MediaShare Server. Primary selling point of MediaShare isn’t essentially back-up, but rather a main data storage for your own home or home office: documents, music, movies, pics – all at one place and can be accessed in a whole bunch of ways other than home desktop: from cell phone, X-Box, television, etc.

There quite a few NAS on the market, yet extremely few combine so low cost with so extraordinary list of features – and great look and feel. Verbatim MediaShare Server seems to be incredibly elegant, and instead of hiding it in your hardware cabinet you’ll want to put it on a seen area on your AV rack. The enclosure is designed from thick brushed aluminum, so it gives an impression of an high-priced high-end AV component.

There’s an option to obtain reasonably priced yearly subscription for optionally available services, such as access to the information stored on MediaShare from your touch screen phone; make secure FTP server, and even publish photos to Flickr account.

Unlike a lot of alternative NAS available on the market, which used to have little high RPM and consequently often loud fans, MediaShare is noiseless. It employs passive cooling at its best – aluminum case is one great heatsink – and this is yet one more cause not to hide it.

Server can be placed in a living room even if you don’t have network connection next to your AV cabinet. Just use coax to Ethernet MoCA adapter to connect using the TV coax cable. It has front panel USB port enabling straightforward copying or sharing one more USB drive through MediaShare network connection. What’s essential, connection is Gigabit, hence the data will copy in no time.

But we’re talking about PC backups here, don’t we? While great remote backup solutions such as iDrive backup are generally better method to backup valuable documents, transferring really large files like as HD video to online backup and back is still a challenge.

Having an additional copy at MediaShare device gives much more than just an extra copy – think about being able to view the data out of anywhere even if your main home server is down. If fact it can certainly do even much more, it can automatically invite your buddies to view the new photos, it can interact with Facebook, it has iTunes server, and even DLNA-compatible media server, which will make your youngsters joyful as it can stream media to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

My conclusion – it’s a high value helpful device – for what Verbatim MediaShare Server can do its price is very much fair.

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