5 Fantastic iPad Applications for the Elderly

A lot has been written about how the iPad can help the education of toddlers and kids. The ease with which even two-year olds can handle the iPad has been a subject of several news articles. But not much has been written about how the iPad has had a similar impact on the elderly. The intuitive iPad interface is intuitive in the true sense of the word and senior citizens are using this device to improve the quality of life.

There aren’t too many iPad apps for the elderly, but there are a few really good applications that help with reading, hearing, medication, memory, entertainment, blood pressure, mobility, mental health and more. The following are the five iPad apps that can be a great addition to the your iPad, or to the iPad of your parents or grandparents.

Pageonce: Tracking and organizing bills requires a lot of patience and attention. It can be tedious and difficult work, especially for people with memory problems. Pageonce is a free application that allows the users to manage all the bills, credit cards and bank accounts from once place. In addition to allowing the users to view all their financial information in one place, it also enables them to schedule bill payments and get reminders for pending payments.

Mobility Assessment Tool: This is a cool tool that lets older adults evaluate their capacity for completing challenges related to mobility. It is an interactive assessment tool that provides animation and asks the users to indicate his or her ability in performing the action depicted therein. A doctor or administrator can check the results to get a clear idea of the mobility level of the participant. This app exemplifies custom iPad application development for the elderly.

Crosswords: Crosswords are addictive and older people love to test themselves using this entertaining game. The Crosswords app includes a large number of crosswords and puzzles. New puzzles everyday make this app worthwhile, and the sheer variety of puzzles and Crosswords can satisfy the appetite of the most avaricious crossword lover.

Pill Monitor: Most of us are pill poppers before we turn forty, and the popping of pills only increases in intensity as the years pass. For the elderly people who need to take a large number of pills on a daily basis, it can become difficult to remember to take all prescribed pills. Also, many people tend to forget whether they have taken the pills on a certain day or not. Pill Monitor schedules reminders, allows options to take or snooze pills, offer eleven different tone reminders for different pills and ensures that you never miss your pills.

Dragon Dictation: This voice recognition application is ideal for those elderly users who do not have enough energy to use their hands to navigate on the iPad. It enables users to take care of tasks like checking messages, putting status updates, sending notes, setting reminders, etc. The best part is that it supports a number of global languages.

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