Samsung’s Android Is Back And Better – Google Is Worried

According to a recent survey it is found that, Samsung became the worldwide cell-phone leader back in 2012 and also holds the title for being the leader of smartphones in select countries. As of now, the best selling phone is Galaxy S3 based on Google’s operating system with over 41 million sales.

Let’s take a look at what makes Samsung Android score over Google’s Android:

Versatile Double Tap

Whenever you wish to scroll back to the top of a long list simply double tap the top of the device. This quick action avoids the need to have small scrolls every now and then.

Screen Timeout

Samsung Android phone screen can be lit timely so as to save the phone’s battery. Here again it uses the camera to detect where the user is looking. The screen will not turn off while activities like constant reading without touching the screen or cause annoyance.


Owing to the large screen size of Samsung many pop-up apps have been deployed that such as S Note app, video player to name a few. These only show up if and when desired.


Samsung has improved the screen orientation issue by offering auto-rotate feature in its Android phone. It uses a camera to detect which way the user faces thus, avoiding random switching between portrait and landscape modes.

Page Buddy

This feature opens up specific pages to increase customization based on user’s actions. There are in total 4 page buddies each with its own app icons. They appear automatically when required and it lets you swipe between standard and special home-screens.

Multiple Screen View

Samsung gives you the added ability to work with two apps at the same time. The two apps can work together and offer better data access.

Tilt Screen

Now view pictures by just placing your two thumbs over them and slightly tilting them to zoom in or out. An unusually smart feature for smart users.

Capture Fast

It is quite simple and quick to capture an image. All you need to do is just swipe the phone from left to right and your job is done.


To display or to hide the multi-view tab simply keep a long press on the soft back button on the back of the phone screen.

Pen Reminder

The phone puts up a small reminder whenever you forget to put back the phone’s pen in its place.

Quick View

When your phone is not in use the display light can be turned on by bringing your hand close to the phone. You need not touch the phone it will sense your hand and show recent activity for a quick view.

Pan Capability

Samsung let’s you pan your device, to easily move icons to another home screen or to simply browse. Pan can be used to move around images as well.

Mute it Your Way

A very cool feature of the phone lets you mute it just by placing the palm of your hand near to it. Once the hand is taken away from the away the sound returns back.

Samsung is Back, Up and Running Great!

Samsung’s bloated customizations are a thing of the past now. Samsung is back with a bang with its own version of Android into a powerful operating system. The latest version has better functionality and looks better than its previous version.

Enlargements of phone’s hardware with larger and bigger screens, HD resolutions will change the way mobile-ecosystem is consumed. What really differentiates one mobile device from the other is its software. Excellent user interface, custom applications, and similar enhancements such as these.

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