Best Way To Make Money On RuneScape

A lot of people wonder what the best way to make money on RuneScape is, and there’s no definitive answer because different people have different capabilities for different things. For example peoples skill levels, combat skill levels, as well as their combat abilities mean that the answer to this question would vary person to person – but as an overall rule staking on RuneScape is easily the best way to make money.

To start with, staking is when you set the conditions of a fight with another player and bet money on yourself and they bet money on themselves too. The winner of the fight collects their money as well as yours, usually doubling their money (but not always, it depends on the fight). Some people will bet double if their opponent is significantly weaker then themselves.

Staking can obviously make anyone a lot of money if they’re skilled enough because you can stake unlimited quantities on yourself and if you’re good enough (or lucky enough) and win you can clearly make massive amounts of money. If you started with 50 million gold which is a pretty reasonable sum, and then won five consecutive fights staking all your money each time you’d hit 1.6 billion gold!

Of course with scope to win such vast quantities you could also easily lose it all too, which is why I recommend only staking a 1/50 of your total wealth. From personal experience I know all too well how easy it is to make and then lose hundreds of millions of gold. I’d definitely say staking is the fastest and best RuneScape money making method out there – just make sure you know what you’re doing and don’t stake what you can’t lose!

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