Get The Ultimate Rift Warrior Build

By far the most popular choice of class is the Warrior. The main reason I can see is that you have the choice of 8 souls, which are all capable of major tanking roles and dishing out that much needed damage.

The warrior role is by far the most successful soul, if your quest within Rift is to charge on with the leveling. Couple the right Warrior builds together and you have a recipe for leveling success.

Luckily for you, I have played each and every possible combination and have managed to source the optimal build. This has taken countless hours but I am willing to share this with you in my guide! (Lucky you)

Due to Rift being in the beta stages at the present time, the full level cap is not quite yet available. As a result, the end game Warrior builds as still unavailable (watch this space)

The main aim for the moment is to pick a build that will optimize you leveling success. The other factor you need to take into consideration is whether your build will solo well, until you reach the later stages. After that, you can switch over to whatever end-game build you proffer.

After extensive experimenting with all of the builds, I have found the best choice is either Riftblade or Paragon.

The Paragon choice will give you the best soul for leveling up quickly. The excellent damage delivery and wide variety of ranged attacks will have you eating away at the level stats. Paragon also offers improved durability when compared to the likes of Champion. You will also find that your range capabilities will far extend the lesser powers of the Champion soul. All in all, Paragon makes the far superior choice.

Adding to this array of tactical assault comes Paragon’s melee damage. This is where the soul excels itself. You will not find another soul or combination that will do nearly as much damage as Paragon when it gets going.

If you choose the support soul route, the best options are either Champion or Riftblade.

With Champion, you have the option of the Raging Bull. This is invaluable when you need to get from monster to monster, but has its limitations. If you chose the Riftblade option, you will be furnished with the Air blade utility. This is passive buff that considerably improves you overall damage, but not into the extreme until invest a little. But after that it is well worth it.

If you prefer the range option, Riftblade will serve you well. While you mite not deal out as much damage as a normal caster, the damage from range is comparable to most.

Another good point about Riftblade is the ability to wear more plate and have a lot more HP, resulting in a very durable class leader. Couple the range with the plate abilities, and you has a very good choice for PvP action.

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