Get Way Ahead of The Rift Game Competition

Get Way Ahead of The Rift Game Competition

In this article I will reveal a few tips and tricks to get you leveling faster and earning plenty of gold (or Platinum) on the way.

The first thing to get right is your soul combination. Choose the right combination to maximize your leveling potential. If you are planning an all out – tank end game, don’t waste your time playing with Paladin as your main soul. All ¬†of the souls can eventually be unlocked, and the specializations changed at a later date for just a few of your well-earned gold.

A really good way to raise the funds for specializations is to sell your scrolls. Surprisingly, scrolls fetch a good price within rift and must not be sniffed at. The higher-level player will not feel the benefit of this meager offering, but to the lower end players who are just starting out, selling scrolls will make all the difference.

Selling the scrolls that you gather from quests and monsters can soon get you on your way to that 2.5 Platinum needed to purchase your first mount at level 20. If you play it right, you can quite easily earn an extra 60+ gold before you reach level 20! So it well worth being frugal.

In the early stages of the game, you will have access to a quest. This quest will reward you with your first Planar focus. This is important as it allows you to equip 2 lesser Planar essences, which in turn rewards you small stat bonuses

As you make your way to level 15, you need to take part in as many Rifts and invasions as possible. This will then allow you upgrade from the Planar Goods at one of the many camps, whether that is from Meridian, Sancyum or one of the other smaller camps.

Once your upgrade is complete, you will be able to equip more than 2 lesser planer essences. This is will make all the difference to your stats.

If I can offer one solid piece of advice, I would be for you to get your upgraded Planar Focus at an early level. By doing this, you can end up with at least 5-6 extra attributes. This will set you in good stead for better upgrades in the future.

Another thing you want to avoid is grinding for the sheer hell of it! As with most MMOs, grinding has to be the hardest and slowest way to gain experience points. You are far better spending your time completing the quests and avoiding any unnecessary monster trashing! The questing alone will provide enough scope to reach maximum levels.

If you are more interested in taking one of the mining or foraging routs, then you no doubt find yourself on the Rift Planes Tip. Here you will find endless way to make some extra money exchanging good with other players.

There will always be players that are ready to spend their gold on gathered goods, as many of these players are more concerned with leveling up their respective professions.

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