New Panasonic Cameras Released

Panasonic has established an attractive collection of compact digital cameras having its Lumix relatives. Additionally, it features a couple of sophisticated interchangeable lens types, such as interesting DIL types. These kinds of cameras were launched in the past eighteen months, and they also symbolize the brand new digital cameras of Panasonic, both in the Lumix compact digital camera array as well as in the DIL lineup.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP3

This camera has a high quality resolution of 14.1 mega pixels and an advanced LCD touch screen measuring around 3.0 inches diagonally, and also the power to record HD video in 720p video resolution. The FP3, which is obtainable in red, black, and silver and blue, has only a 0.73 inches thickness. It only features a 4X optical zoom lens, but the additional features make it an excellent worth.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP8

With this camera, you will have the 12.1 mega pixels resolution, 4.6X zoom lens having minimal wide angle features, and the power O.I.S., that is Panasonic’s name brand for optical image stabilizing. The movie setting is excellent, together with 720p HD video resolution obtainable, and a number of shooting ratios.

The FP8 measures about 0.80 inches, comes in 3 attractive colors: red, silver, and black. The black camera is known as the FP8-K, the red unit is the FP8-R, and then the silver camera is known as the FP8-S.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40

This digital camera comes with a 24X optical zoom lens. It features an amazing 14.1 mega-pixels, lens with a few wide angle choices, and the 3-inch HD LCD. It comes with an AVCHD Lite HD video selection that is 720p, and also the FZ40 features a quick start-up selection, which means you will not lose spontaneous pictures awaiting your camera to get prepared to shoot.

For those who have more cash to invest and need an identical digital camera, Panasonic has also released their Lumix DMC-FZ100. It also features a 24X zoom lens having much more speed.

These are just some of their latest and most sought-after digital cameras. If you want to know more models, you can visit some reliable websites that provide reviews and price comparison on Panasonic’s latest cameras. Remember that before buying any camera, you should check first its reviews if it suits your preferences.

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