Panasonic Announces Two Advanced Cameras

Panasonic digital cameras concentrate on its Lumix brand name camcorders, equally for compact digital types as well as for digital SLR types. Based on a Techno Systems Study record, Panasonic digital cameras placed 7th globally in the amount of products produced in the year 2007. The close to ten million models Panasonic produced was great for a 7.6% share of the market.

Panasonic already introduced a couple of brand new cameras made for skilled users that will make utilization of the Micro Four Thirds method of interchangeable lenses. Due to the mirror-less layout of such cameras, they officially aren’t DSLR cameras; rather, they’re just EVIL or DIL video cameras.

The Lumix DMC-G2 camera features a touch screen, 3-inch high definition LCD that enables one to take a photo by just pressing the display screen. The touch screen is also crucial in handling the digital camera’s auto-focus process.

The Lumix DMC-G10 product is really a small camera made for people trying to make the move from the compact digital camera to a sophisticated product. The G10 consists of numerous automated settings made for doing photography pretty simple and also manual settings.

Prices and accessibility are going to be introduced at a later time to the G10 and G2. As soon as these kinds of digital cameras are nearer to being sold, I would speculate, they will make my set of the most effective brand new Panasonic digital cameras. So therefore, you should check again. Panasonic introduced this past year their promises to raise the share of the market of their digital camera models in the USA, and these products have sufficient features that the firm is obviously moving for that objective.

These are merely a selection of their newest and most sought-after camera models. If you wish to learn more products, you can go to some trustworthy sites which provide evaluations and price evaluation on Panasonic’s newest cameras. Keep in mind that before choosing any camera, you need to examine first the reviews whether it suits your requirements or not.

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