The Most Anticipated Games For 3DS

The Most Anticipated Games For 3DS

With the official launch of the Nintendo 3DS just around the corner, the growing excitement is so thick you can almost touch it with your hands. And rightfully so, for this gaming system promises to change the way we experience games forever. But with the growing line of enthusiastic gamers comes the inevitable question: are the games any good? And so, here we shall list some of the most anticipated games for 3DS, and then decide if they are worthy of joining all the hype.

First up is Star Fox 64 3D. This game needs almost no introduction to fans of the shooter genre. It is an intense, action-packed game, featuring the ship Arwing as it speeds through convoluted levels, blasting enemies in its path. In its 3D reincarnation, the same great score and boss fights can be relived, but this time the crisp graphics stand out even more in glorious 3D, which complements the maze-like twists and turns very nicely.

Another anticipated title is Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D. That’s right. The riveting story of Snake is going to be brought back to the fray, but this time, there are even more gameplay improvements being thrown in for good measure. Of course, that’s aside from the awesome 3D graphics, which is sure to blow the series’ fans away. Imagine immersing yourself in a 3D jungle, shooting at a boss with your sniper rifle, and then chomping down on a 3D snake.. among the games for 3DS, this one almost redefines the word awesome.

Then there is Resident Evil: Revelations, which is yet another one of the great games for 3DS. Completely designed for Nintendo’s new platform, the game features the two well known protagonists of the series: Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, as they investigate a stranded cruise liner to uncover more secrets of the evil Umbrella corporation. What is so cool about this particular game is the amount of detail in the graphics, which easily tops what the PS2 can offer. And that is really saying a lot, given the small size of the 3DS. Care to cap a few 3D zombies and splatter out all their guts? Yes, me too.

And there you have it. Just a few of the games that will make any 3DS owner proud. So there IS some basis for the long waiting list, and that means a lot of pressure for its competitors. Therefore, try your best to get a sample of this new technology, for it would very well mark its place in the gaming industry for the next few years.

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