5 Touch Screen Applications

Touch Screen Controllers enable you to monitor system status, control applications, send and receive alarm information and much more. Touch screens provide a convenient and easy to use interface and are ideal for a wide range of applications. They can work with programmable controllers or PC based systems over Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocol. This is a list of some applications that use touch screens.

  1. Building Automation Systems. Touch Screens PLC’s can be installed in the electrical outlets inside of a building. They can be programmed to control things like lighting, audio systems, gates, heating, air conditioning and robot vacuums. You can display the room temperature and can be used as multi way light switches. A main computer can run a program that can override the touch screen PLC in a room in case the devices in the room need to be turned off remotely.
  2. Restaurant Ordering System. 4.3″ TPD-430 can be installed on each table in a restaurant. Each screen can serve as a point of sale system and can allow customers to place orders for food and beverages. The orders can get sent to the kitchen where the food and drink will get prepared. TPD-430 can communicate over Modbus RTU and can easily exchange information with a central restaurant system.
  3. Car Washes. Touch Screens PLC’s can be the user interface for a drive through carwash. Users can select a desired wash from a menu and pay with their credit card through a card reader. The TPD-280U with a real time clock can work with data acquisition modules, motors and brushes in the wash to execute different wash cycles to clean vehicles.
  4. Irrigation System and Sprinkler Control. A sprinkler and irrigation system may have different areas that need to be watered at different time intervals. A TPD-280U with a real time clock would be programmed to execute the different irrigation systems at the desired time of day. Irrigation systems usually have several different regions that need to be monitored. Operators can change the screens to view the status of different irrigation areas. Operators can manually control the sprinklers and turn them on and off. They can also change the timing schedule.
  5. Cold Storage Monitoring. A touch screen PLC like TPD-280 can be installed at the door of a refrigerator or freezer. The touch screen can show the temperature status and a blue color strip indicator to show the temperature is in a desired range. If the temperature should reach an undesired level, the color strip indicator can show red and an alarm can be triggered through a data acquisition module like M-7060 and an audio alarm and light. Then maintenance personnel can ensure the door is closed or fix the refrigerator or freezer immediately.
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