Learn How To Master A Struts Interview

Learn How To Master A Struts Interview

Learn how to master Struts interview questions

It might still be hard for you to do well in an interview related to struts framework, even after completing a number of training sessions. There are several Struts interview question streams which you might have to face. Often the most competent person finds himself of herself to be shaky while being cross-examined. Most people face an uncertainty since they are totally unaware about what to expect at an interview.

If you have an interview ahead, you should try to get familiar with the questions that might arise. You mainly need to know what a Strut is. There is high probability that the interviewer will immediately test your struts framework knowledge. You might also need to get familiar with the Model View Controller structure which uses Jakarta Struts and is used to develop applications that are web-based.

Apart from knowing what a Strut is, you should also know its history. You need to find out who is the original creator of this web-based application framework is. You should also know how Apache Foundation got hold of Struts. While you review the history of Struts, you will also come to know a lot about its goals and how it helps to make development of web-based applications easier.

Additionally you will also need to know how programming language is used in Java EE. It is worth to know beforehand, that the role of a controller is played by language in the Struts framework. Knowing the controllers’ roles in handling requests is also a plus.

Be careful while using tags in a struts project. Extra caution should be paid while you add message resources to definition files. You should also prepare yourself and know about action class and its value in the framework. Action-Form maintains the state of the web application and you should be aware of how it goes between the server and the client’s side.

Validating form data is another function of Struts framework. It is expected that you are familiar with the validation for both the client’s and server’s side. You should know that two configuration XML files are used by the framework, and you should be able to differentiate the two files and know their roles in the framework.

Lastly, you should know the tag to be used to display a validation fail on the page for any validation error. Moreover, the front end validation on XML permission code should also be identified.

Preparing for a struts interview will allow you to better organize your answers. Not all possible questions have been covered in this article. nevertheless, it has covered the basics of struts framework.

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