Maximize Your Revenues With Simple Chess Tournament Registration

Maximize Your Revenues With Simple Chess Tournament Registration

An increasing number of professionals have started adopting the new online method of registration to streamline their overall workflow. Everyone knows that the manual registration system involves lots of pen and paperwork. You have to make large number of registration forms, help the registrants fill them up, and finally assign a date to submit these. You also have to hire volunteers to help you manage the chess tournaments, look after the seating arrangement, set the tables and chairs, and finally welcome the chess players and other visitors on the tournament day.

However, if you go for an online chess tournament registration system, then you will get the following benefits.

Easy Registration over the Internet

You don’t have to print chunks of registration forms and sell them on counters. Rather, you can create and sell them online. Any person can log in to your page and complete registration to participate in a chess tournament.

Maximize Your Attendance and Revenue

Increase attendance and maximize revenues for your chess event with the use of this simple event registration software. Easy and hassle-free process of signing up attracts more attendees, thus leading to more revenues and a higher ROI!

Create and Publish Your Custom Event Registration Page in Minutes!

It is very easy to create and customize your online chess event registration pages within minutes. This Cloud-based mode of registering also provides immense satisfaction to the individuals, as they get 24×7 access to the event pages. Within moments of opening your chess event registration, you can start selling the tickets of the game.

Promote Your Tickets Sale

Increase your ticket sales by posting your event details on the various social networking websites. Many online event management solution providers offer modern email marketing tools. You can use these to send beautiful, personalized emails and bulletins to your customers. These help to inform them about your event and accordingly, invite them to attend the same.

Sell Your Chess Tournament Tickets Fast

Along with the online registration platform, you can use the web-based payment management solution to process all credit cards or PayPal safely. For an enhanced event attendance, you can offer an early bird pricing and group discounts to a specific chess tournament or fundraiser.

Quickly Manage Your Tournaments

You can quickly track and monitor the progress of your chess games with instantaneous reports. Hold on to an online custom reporting system to create hundreds of reports and likewise trace requirements for last-minute publicity of your events and activities.

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